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Having Lisa McKenzie as a business and social marketing mentor means more than just being guided on the how to’s of social media. Lisa is totally committed to my success and if you are lucky enough to be her client, she will do all it takes to keep you on track, to look out for you on every angle and she is not afraid to tell it as she sees. I truly feel that she has helped create my foundation for a solid business with her expertise and feel confident that with the tools she has taught me to use, I will be able to continue with great success.
Miriam Pearl, Owner, Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Peanut-Free Kosher Baked Goods l Celiac Allergy Advocate I Speaker at Delicious Without Gluten Inc
Lisa McKenzie is the social media networking queen of Canada! Her passion and understanding of the most important communication networking tool of the 21st century is unsurpassed. I work with Lisa because she is the best and she gets results!
Nadja Piatka, founder of NadjaFoods and UltimateGirlsGetaway
Lisa is a brilliant connector. She has a unique ability to visualize how people and companies can partner to their mutual benefit. She is also a community builder, having successful launched and grown two dynamic online communities for women. Finding just a few words to describe Lisa is impossible. She’s a dynamic motivator with an effervescence that is contagious.
People want to follow her, they want to learn from her and they want to be in her circle of influence.
Cindy Ratzlaff, AD Age Marketing 50 Award Winning Buzz Marketer and Social Media Strategist
Lisa delivered a custom workshop for my students who were involved in an international case study competition and would be presenting at an international conference: The Performance Improvement Conference for the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).
My students wanted to have practical advice on how to create a Social Media Brand leading up to the conference, during and after the conference to help them build strong relationships through social media. Lisa delivered big-time! Her workshop was relevant, pertinent, and customized to our conference and needs. The students found the workshop incredibly helpful and I witnessed them using Lisa’s suggestions on social media before, during, and after the conference. She even helped us brainstorm social media strategy for our local ISPI Montreal Chapter in preparation for the arrival of the International conference in our home city in 2017. Thank you Lisa for your generous support and advice.
Sonia Di Maulo, Global Leadership Performance Strategist specializing in Conflict Resolution for Teams, Harvest Performance
The reason I chose Lisa McKenzie as my social marketing coach is because of her passion for what she does. I’ve known Lisa for over 10 years and she’s always been committed to people and their businesses, but it wasn’t until 2007 when she specialized in social marketing that her passion exploded. I know she truly walks the talk. I’m a very savvy business woman and I felt confused about the direction my company was going. I even was attending brain storming sessions with other intelligent minds. It wasn’t till after I hired Lisa that my mind became at ease and my business took the most logical organic direction. If it wasn’t for Lisa, I would still be trying to figure it out. She was quick to point out what I needed done and that set the foundation that I work with today.
Thank you Lisa for being the brilliant mind that you are.
Jennifer Walker, Eco-Realtor | Green Real Estate Advisor & Investor | Eco Lifestyle Consultant, Author, Speaker
I was referred to LIsa – and I am so incredibly grateful. Lisa has been an incredible resource and support – she comes up with all sorts of plans and tools to help you – and gives it you when you need it so that you are not overwhelmed. I have worked with other coaches before – but Lisa is much more than a coach – she is like a marketing partner. She enables you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do online! Lisa seems to know how to hold your hand and fill in the missing pieces that we all have psychological barriers against. She helped me market my video so that it has thousands of views. She encouraged me to do Facebook Live events and what do you know, I actually liked it – and got over a thousand views in 24 hours. There is no way I would have done that on my own.

Since working with Lisa, I have a brand that showcases my personality and my message, my new book has become a best-seller, I have a website that I love, a marketing campaign that works and am on my way to writing my next book. I have gotten so many compliments on my social media presence since Lisa has helped me craft a plan. Yesterday a friend who is a creative director of a big fashion brand told me that my PR is brilliant and “on brand”. Well Lisa is that PR person.

Having Lisa as a trusted colleague and partner makes me take myself more seriously so that I can accomplish my goals. She is also an incredibly thoughtful and kind person and I feel like she has become a friend!

Danielle Capalino, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and best-selling author of Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach
Where have you been all my life!? I was a first year student at Concordia when I met Lisa, she was teaching Social Media Fundamentals. I originally signed up for this course because my goal was to make some changes in my life, start over and put my own dreams first! I just could not do it on my own and decided to go back to school and get the tools I needed. For months and months before the course started I had a plan to start my own online shop. But I was having the hardest time building the skeleton of my business. On our first day in class, Lisa managed to simplify this nightmare and I was able to get started, in less then a week, I had succeeded in achieving what I could not in months of trying. Anyone who is looking to get started, understand the new platforms or even for personal knowledge, pick Lisa McKenzie, her passion toward her teaching makes such a difference, her quirky methods make everything so much easier to understand and her motivation is contagious!
Dominique Zanetti, Hospitality Professional, PR Consultant, Social Marketing Coordinator
I had the wonderful opportunity to invite Lisa to speak to my group of online students in the DGD & Marketing Dept. Lisa is the best public speaker I have ever seen present. She did an AMAZING job executing her material, and was an expert at the material herself. She provided my students a wealth of information in one hour. Her presentation was of the highest quality. Do yourself a favor and do business with this amazingly talented and professional woman! You will not be disappointed!
Laura Eklund, Associate at International Learning Enterprises, adjunct faculty at Excelsior College & Antonelli College Online
On a cold pitch black February night, 55 students at McGill University were expecting a special guest – Lisa McKenzie, a social media specialist from Concordia University. Among us, some were very skeptical of social media. How can you make sense of such a hyped commercial circus where only a happy few can make a living? Well, Lisa McKenzie presented it in a most logical and entertaining way, empowering us with a method centered on Goals and Audiences. Yes, social media is essential to a PR strategy. One just has to learn to use it respectfully, said Lisa.
Huguette Guilhaumon, ARP, Director of Communications at TalkAlter and Lecturer: Communications | Career and Management Studies
Wow, You did it! You opened up many of our members’ minds to the benefits of social media. The excitement around this new world of possibilities for them is contagious and many have already begun to create their fan page, sign up for Twitter and one of our instructors has created her first video for promoting her CSP classes. The testimonial videos were wonderful and a great tool to create hype. Thank you for taking the time to create them at the event while the iron was hot! You can hear the excitement in their voices. Again, THANK YOU for inspiring our members.”
Christine Rae, Christine Rae, Founder and President of the Certified Staging Professionals
Lisa McKenzie’s classes in Social Media somehow manage to both inform, educate and inspire some serious soul searching. She not only teaches about the social media tools that are out there for your use, but she really makes you think about why and how to use them. One of Lisa’s first assignments is to write a Bio. Sounds easy? For some yes. But for me this inspired some serious introspection and getting clear about what I was doing and to what specific purposes. Not just the obvious goals, but my real purpose in pursuing the work that I was. Lisa teaches Social Media as a tool to employ in an authentic manner with a personal voice. She shows us the vast array of components, building blocks and strategies that can be used towards getting ourselves, ideas, art, business’s out there in a creative manner. All with the intention of bringing us closer to understanding and achieving our goals. Sometimes with life changing effects!
Christine Henderson, Home Decor Product Design at Wholedesign Studio
Lisa taught us how to monetize our contacts and develop our clients through Facebook and Twitter. Her program was relevant, accessible and enjoyable. We came away with a clear strategy to grow our business and a positive attitude towards this new marketing method.
She is a great teacher and we highly recommend this program!
Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros, founders of CourageousLiving.com and best-selling authors of UnderMind