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Ladies, welcome to your playground

Welcome to Deserving Divas, We’re all about embracing life and finding the joy in everything we do.  Sound like something you would love to be part of? Join the thousands of women worldwide and become a member today. We plan exciting events, discovery workshops, weekend getaways and other great opportunities to network with other fabulous women and unleash the diva within. With Deserving Divas, it’s all about the irresistible deals, the uncovered treasures, and the juicy ideas that make a Diva’s life more fun, more passionate, more succulent, more luscious, more exciting.


If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

Our plan is to indulge, pamper, spoil, and make you laugh, while continuously giving you the chance to sometimes live beyond, way beyond the box by participating in a variety of themed events that strive to be fun and social. These gatherings vary from day time and evening events around health, fitness, shopping, spas, wine and dance, to weekend getaways.


Our company’s founder, Lisa McKenzie, a moxie Mom of two little divas-in-training, is a driving force of boundless energy who understands the value of taking care of yourself and finding the “me time” that is so often neglected in the lives of busy women. When Lisa is not whipping up the next event, she is busy creating success stories for her clients by designing cross-platform marketing strategies specializing attracting their female market.


Deserving Divas has created more than 65 live and virtual events, see some of the events come to life in our photos.

Past events have included titles such as: Body, Breathe and Beauty, Fall Fashionista Shopping Day, Singles Mingle Wine Fling, Pampering Diva Spa Party, Spring Pamper Party, Spoil Yourself Diva Party and The Pyjama Patrol, a highly successful one-of-a-kind initiative created to support women in long-term hospital care that reached out to more than 200 women in 14 departments of 3 Montreal Hospitals.



Although Deserving Divas rarely hosts its own events anymore, we are very interested in partnerships and strategic alliances.

If you’re hosting an event and would like to invite our members and guests or would like to know how to reach more of your target market, go ahead and reach out to us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Diva Raves

“I cannot say enough great things about Lisa’s endeavours and Deserving Divas events! Great events, great speakers, great Divas! -What a wonderful idea and what a great place to meet new friends!” Marie-Estelle Debs

“I usually shop alone and certainly never in a limousine with other women. It was a very nice day and meeting new women is very interesting. We are all so different but we certainly have a lot in common “looking and feeling great!” I shared a little of my fashion and color knowledge and hope it will inspire the women or maybe getting them to be aware of the power of colors and dressing your body. Thank you to Kristina, she did a super job and was very professional. Thank you Lisa as usual, your beautiful self made this day great.” – Giselle Demers, Image Consultant

“Beautiful day! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am extremely grateful to have found your organization. I feel like the rightful princess that I am! Wonderful to surround myself with people who share the same beliefs as I do. I am much looking forward to joining you again in future endeavours. Bravo! Much thanks.” – 1st timer, Elizabeth Smart

“I really enjoyed the fashion shopping day. A lot of fun, great relationship with women. Thank you to Deserving Divas for allowing me to pamper myself.” – Lucie Wood

“I enjoyed being spoiled and pampered with the limo service, having fashion consulting to help me. The Deserving Divas coordinators put a lot of thought, time and care to make this day very special. I truly enjoyed my time, being taken around. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but truly enjoyed the personalized service.” – Cynthia Smilovici

“What a classic beautiful afternoon. Kristina you are grace & elegance and thank you for bringing us all together to share the exciting event of riding in a stretch limo (my first). Lisa, thank you for bringing us ladies on the town and the final elegance of Tea at the Ritz Carlton, a dream come true.” – Debbie Ward

“Great workshop. Practical sessions were fun too to assimilate the workshop. Nicole you did great!” – Marielle Tousignant

“I love that this is available to all divas!” – Christina Hearns

“It was lovely meeting such wonderful ladies” – Ilana Block

“A very warm & welcoming event Lisa” – Heather Macintosh

“Bravo Nicole! Engaging, humorous, good stories – You’re really dynamic! Very well run event, Thank you!” – Frema Engel

“Keep up the great work.” – Lynn Carter

“The evening was delightful and inspiring” – Lillian Papp

“Nicole was fun to listen to, down to earth and the time went by so quickly. I could have listened to her alot longer. Thanks!” – Sandra King

“Thank you again for following your dream and for sharing & supporting our community” – Pamela Andersen

“Lisa, I love this group even though I haven’t had a chance to participate in any events. Just wanted to let you know that I sent a referral email through your site to about 25 Montreal women I know. Hope some of them join. This is such a wonderful idea for a women’s group. Happy New Year and I hope that the group continues to experience much success.” – Marilyn McAran

“Lisa McKenzie is on fire! The first day I met her I knew she was a women after my own heart! Since that time she has created an incredible outlet for women to indulge in a little “me” time. Her events are the talk of the town and the new projects she is working on for the fall are sure to raise a few eyebrows. Way to go Lisa! I wish you much success with Deserving Divas! Keep that passion and energy you have to max! Montreal won’t know what hit them!“- Sherry Thacker

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to and share my story with such a dynamic group of women. Deserving Divas has a great concept in bringing women together. I wish you success in future events and I am looking forward in taking part in them as well.” – Gina Bertozzi

 “Lisa – I am so pleased that I talked to you and got to know you and your organization. Moving back to Montreal after 30 years has been quite a life change and I was having trouble networking and getting to the right people. Thanks to your caring nature and information and contacts things are looking up for me professionally and I look forward to meeting some of the other Deserving Divas and making some new awesome friends. Thanks for taking the time to be a friend.” – Gale Frost

 “Lisa is extremely professional in her endeavor as well as a terrific person to be around. She has found her true calling for sure in Deserving Divas!” Vanessa Sicotte

 “Hi ladies – I just want to let you know that I love your website and I think you ladies are extremely special for thinking in such an innovative way to create such a site and group for us women. Thank you and I look forward to meeting new girlfriends through your extraordinary group!” – Anastasia

“Tonight was a super event. I was glad to be there to support you – and have fun at the same time. Your continued success is a sure thing.” – Thanks, Kathleen Murphy – “Diva in the City”

“Ladies – Thank you for an amazing event tonight! I really congratulate both of you on the organizing and lotsa!! work you and your team put into making this an event to remember. You definitely created a party atmosphere where all women could find many things to enjoy and have a great “girls night out”. Thanks again and looking forward to all your upcoming events. I would be very happy to send out emails to the many women I know who would enjoy them, if you could let me know in advance. Warm regards,” – Pat Snow

“I am thrilled to be part of such a great group of ladies. I look forward to the next events” – Tammy Gauthier