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You’ve developed a brilliant product, now what?

Do your best clients know where to find you? If we were to search for your brand right now, would you be satisfied with what we would find? Are you leveraging the right social tools and strategies to share your brand story and attract the right clientele?

Using social media marketing to get the word out about your company is the quickest and most effective strategy available in business today. It’s also one of the most complex. Don’t be fooled into thinking that posting & tweeting is enough to grow your brand, it’s not. You need a customized strategy and plan to help you navigate the social waters. A plan that connects the dots between what you do today, tomorrow and how these actions align and tie into the big picture of your marketing goals and bottom line. You need direction, training and a positioning and marketing strategy to get your message and mission out there, in front of your ideal market. These potential clients are already searching for you. They just haven’t found you, yet.

So, where do you start?

We create structured social branding and marketing plans that allow our clients to capture their best clients’ attention, as they implement their plan with support and confidence. What you’ll learn when working with us is how to reach out, engage, share, and make your brand a part of your customers’ lives. You’ll learn how to build a community of loyal fans and spot your brand evangelists, that are just waiting to spread your message. If you are marketing to women, you’re in the right place. We speak their language.

How you can work with us:

Small Business Mentoring Lisa McKenzie Social Media Business StrategistIf you’re a solo-entrepreneur, small business owner, author or speaker, this is the program you’ve been looking for to help you understand and leverage the power of social media branding and marketing.

We will develop your custom social marketing plan and meet with you one-on-one, via video consultation weekly, to walk you through the implementation of each step of your plan. We will train you on the different networks, best practices and strategies for your specific industry and help you build time-saving and profitable systems into your business.




Lisa McKenzie website Corporate Digital Marketing StrategyIf you’re looking for a partner to guide your organization or through the latest social branding and marketing strategies, we’re here for you. We’ll work with your team to crystalize your social business goals, capture your brand story and understand your marketing challenges.

Following initial meetings, we will develop your custom strategy and ongoing plan, leveraging the power social media to get into the hearts and minds of your idea clients. We will continue to work together in implementing your plan ensuring your business goals are met.  

Contact us to schedule your complimentary 15-minute call to discuss your specific needs.