In an internet minute

By | May 2nd, 2017|Being Social, Featured, Uncategorized, World Wild Web|

I often use DOMO's infographics when I teach to illustrate the magnitude of activity captured in a single minute online. For a new social media student, taking these stats in sure sets the tone for our work together. Think about minute. It's flabbergasting to say the least. I've listed Domo's previous years' versions [...]

Facebook Reactions, an opportunity to start a conversation and find your best clients

By | March 3rd, 2016|Facebook, Social Marketing Strategy|

What's the point of all those sad and angry faces? You can uncover a deeper understanding of your audience. It's quite difficult to take the hundreds of possible human emotions and summarize them into a “like” — alas this has been our dilemma on Facebook. There is no doubt that the “like” button serves a purpose [...]

Newsjacking #TheDress

By | March 8th, 2015|Social Marketing Strategy|

Newsjacking by definition, is the creative ability to insert your idea, message, pitch or value proposition into a current and trending news story. Just recently, #TheDress overtook the internet pulling friends and families apart as they sat in 3 very distinct camps on the true colours of the dress. Hashtags #WhiteandGold #BlackandBlue and #BlueandGold were all [...]

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